The Adult Forum

The Forum

Sacred Conversations about Life

The Forum is an adult education program hosted on Sunday mornings (other than “Community Sundays” that are focused on fellowship) during the Education Hour, from 11:05 to 11:45 a.m. We invite all to join us in the church sanctuary for these “Sacred Conversations about Life” where guest speakers, clergy, and leaders from our Church will stimulate deeper thought and questions about what it means to live as Christians in a complex world. Detailed schedules of the topics and speakers will be made available through the parish newsletter, in Sunday leaflets, and on our web site. We hope that members and their friends will look over The Forum schedule and attend those programs that are of the most interest. No preparation is needed and there is no homework assigned.


Hosted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Sundays from 11:05-11:45 in the church. All are invited to join us!

May 5  – Congregational Development
The Rev. Kristin Krantz will be our guest presenter. Kristin is an old friend of Mark’s and is the new Canon for Transitions for the Diocese of Maryland. She is also the Director of the College of Congregational Development, a comprehensive training program that seeks to nurture and develop congregational leaders to help make the church more vital.

May 12 – Science and Faith
Sometimes the rational evidence-based discipline of science is pitted against the spiritual understandings of faith. Are there ways these two world views are incompatible? Or ways they might support each other? Bring you analytic brain as well as your openness to mystery as we explore the relationship (and tension?) between science and religious faith. Led by Mark Stanley.